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Let me start with the following:

a.) I am a bit of hypochondriac that being said,

b.) 3 months ago I ran in a 10KM race.  2KM from the finish i had foot pain.  finished the race (although it was extremely painful) and limped my way home.  Over the course of the next three months I tried to change out shoes, inserts, not run outdoors.  The sporadic pain from my left foot turned into pain in my left thumb followed by pain in my arm (elbow nerve) to really bad headaches on the right side of my head, weird numbness is my feet, a general stiffness/tightness in my legs (calve areas) to tightness in my stomach (just below the rib cage), to an odd taste in my mouth, expanded lateral pain across both arms (particularly forearms) and now my legs.  I had congestion for a bit and dry eyes.  Was trying to chalk the eyes, congestion, fatigue and headaches up to allergies, BUT the headaches persist and the leg/arm issue is just getting worse.  

My GP ran full blood tests.  Nothing showed up.  He wants me to see a psych which I started today.

Am very worried it's something bad neurological in order.  Am supposed to see a neurologist this Friday as I have again run out of patience with my GP.  Thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated?  thx.
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