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myelodysplastic syndrome

My father  aged 69 is suffering from shortage of Hemoglobin, RBC and WBC since May 2011 it was identified from Bone marrow aspiration at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.
                               He is under treatment at Apollo Hyderabad. Intermittently blood (Group A+) is being transfused and Hemoglobin is boosted and gradually drops within ¾ weeks, again waiting for blood transfusion. He is under Cyclosporine, Denazole.
It seems Hemoglobin cells are not getting matured. Blast cells 8% in bone marrow.
I request you to kindly help us in this matter.
With regards and expecting an early reply.
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Hi there!

This looks like a picture of aplastic anemia. The decrease in cell formation and maturation could occur due to a few reasons and is usually associated with slight increase in the immature forms (blasts) in the peripheral blood. Management in such cases should be aimed at looking at potential causes of the aplasia such as infections, micronutrient deficiencies, auto-immunity etc and treating them; while specific treatment may include medications that stimulate cell formation and suppress auto-immunity. Treatment may take several months before response is noted. In cases where medical therapy fails or in severe cases bone marrow transplantation may be indicated. I would suggest discussing the situation, the appropriate management plan and the expected prognosis in detail with his treating haematologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Hey My Father was diagnosed with MDS, he got benefited by thalidomide 100 MG but only for first two years. Cyclosporine did not worked for him still i would suggest you to Consult Doctor H Dua at Apollo New Delhi  

Take Care
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