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antidepressants with methadone?

Hi All, I am on Methadone Maintenance now for around 17 yrs. I have had clean UA;s for that long as well. My life is so far away from the circumstances that caused me to get on the methadone. I was released from a stint in dept. of corrections and I knew if I did not get on the program I could relapse again. I found out 2 yrs ago that I have had Hep C for all this time. I am wanting to treat with the new treatments but I have been told it causes depression. Has any one here been on antidepressants while on methadone? Alot of drugs for fibro and arthritis are blocked by the methadone, so I am hoping the antidepressants could do their job while I treat for hep c. I am on 120 MG at this time, coming down from 160 in a year. Feedback welcome! Thks
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           yes,i was on ferron,and it work for me.I know it does not always work,but its worth the chance.Yes i was told to see physc,during the treatment by my doctor in case it did cause depressen,if it did i didn't notice,i was already depressed,who isn't.I did how ever get sick after my first injection,sweats vomit,for 20min,and then i was fine never happen to me again.That was 4years ago and it has not came back yet.I've also been on methadone,for 5years now i'm getting off.READ my profile so you can find out more ok.  good luck,GARYLEE22
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Hey Garylee, I know how you feel, we have a few things in common. I have arthritis too and am not sure which causes me pain, if it the arthritis or the hep c. It stinks! The hep c has me afraid of most medications. Seems like my methdaone blocks all those. My pain doc will not mess with me because I am on the meth, and the doc at the methadone will not help me with any pain issues. I try to detox down some, then if I go to fast and start having some muscle and joint pains, and it is a damn struggle to go back up at all on the methadone. Needless to say I am terrified of trying to come down, afraid I will not be able to cope and to know the doc is such a **** and has to argue with everything I try to tell him. He has no understanding of how this methdadone affects me after 17 yrs. With the hep c it is hard to metabolize the methadone like it should. I know how my body is feeling, and it is not how some doctor who has never swallowed a dose of methadone tells me I am feeling. The doctors at both professions (pain and addiction) do not want to work with each other and I am in the middle with no say in the matter! I too have kicked in jail but I needed the meth to keep me off hard drugs and I chose to go that route after a prison stay, but the methadone is has hard to kick as it helpful to get us off hard drugs. Now I am old with these medical issues and it is tough to cope with a methdone addiction and to get help with all the other issues we have.

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Hello, thanks for stopping by first of all! I have been on Methadone for about 6 1/2 yrs now, i am Hep C+, Bi-Polar/Manic Depressive with mixed episode's, and i have tried many different med's while on Methadone. Yep, i am the big mess:) LOL What kind of mental issues r u having and are there any certain medications u r thinking of trying?
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I need the antidepressants for my fibro. I wanted to take cymbalta. I have to watch what I take with the hep c. My doc also offered me prozac and they like you to take it with hep c
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Doc has put me on Savella. I have taken just the lowest dose for a week now, I can not tell a whole lot yet,, but seems like it is helping some. Seems like I have a tendency to be sensitive to all medications except the methadone. I have problems with alot of meds, everything for fibromyalgia and arthritis backfire or do not help at all.
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Did some checking and heard Cymbalta works well and can be combined with other medications. I am going to send you a privite message with some info k! -Mary B.
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Savella is working great for my fibromyalgia with the methadone!
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I was taking Trazadone with Methadone ,and it was giving me a real real and huge sedative effect more then antidepressant ... So ,i was taking it with some pattern like :
1/3 of tablet first three days, then 2/3 of tabl. other three days ,and then whole tablet ....
Tablet were "Trittico" trademark , 150mg retard ... So it was like 50mg retard tablet for 3 days then... IT WAS HORRIBLE FOR ME. I was wakeing with pain in my chest bones.. IDK why? And the pose i was going in to sleep , I woke up in same pose...So my back was killing me...After a short period,i quit using Trittico , and now I am JUST on Methadone... arround 90mg of PURE METHADONE HCL { additives are methylparaben, prophylparaben, and prophylenglicol ...} ... are they safe for IV ???
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