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Pain when stretching legs

Oww!  I can't touch my toes for anything.  I hear you're supposed to go only till you feel the stretch, but I don't ever feel the stretch like I do when I do the butterfly stretch or side lunges.  I only feel pain.  I want to be flexible, but how much pain should I endure?  I just hope it's not doing physical damage.
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hey about your being flexible im a dancer and i couldnt resist this but if you do floor stretches or anything it should help like even just putting your legs out in front of you and trying to touch your toes helps. or u could do a split stretch my personal favorite don't worry u don't have to do the splits just sit on the floor and put your legs out to the sides fof you as far as u can and then lean over and touch one foot and then the other for about one or two 8 counts. in dance we keep are feet pointed for this then we flex them. and then trying to go down to the floor in front of you you wont be able to go far at first but even if u do it just once a week it will help a little bit.
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