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Fetal Stomach measuring small at 30 week ultrasound

Hi there,

I just got back from my 30 week 4 day ultrasound and the doctor said that the head was measuring fine but, the stomach was in the 10th percentile. They said weight was 20th percentile ? What does this all mean together? Is my baby going to be okay ? Can it still reach a larger size before birth ? Can it correct itself ? When they mentioned weight my husband and I both heard 3.3 lbs. This doesn't seem small when looking at charts online? Is there anything I can do as the mother ? Do I need to be eating more ?

thank you so much!
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Does it make a difference if the femur was measuring smaller too?
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If the small stomach is an isolated finding, there is probably nothing wrong since the amount of fluid a baby has in the stomach can vary from ultrasound to ultrasound.   Obstruction of the esophagus or gastrointestinal tract is often associated with other findings such as increased amniotic fluid or other anatomic abnormalities.  The repeat ultrasound will help determine whether this is a persistent finding and whether any other abnormalities are present.

In terms of growth, there are many different reasons why a baby may show different growth between the head and body.  You should ask your obstetrician whether she/he has any concerns about growth problems in your baby or about your health/diet.  Unless your obstetrician is worried, the information you have given so far is still consistent with having a normal baby.
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