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Jaundice in newborn

I dont know if I am posting in the right forum.
I have a 5 week old that was born 3 weeks premature. He was born with jaundice and still has it.
Bilirubin is around 10.
Baby is exclusively breastfed and is gaining weight very well. 3 lbs in 1 month
Thyroid was checked and it is normal.
Stopped breastmilk for 48 hours---no change was noted--baby still yellow face with yellow sclera
Doc isnt concerned but I am.
What should I do?
I am worried waiting for it to go on its own as doc says will lead to irreversible damage.
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The concern is that exposure to extremely high bilirubin levels (> 20)  for prolonged periods of time increases the risk of neurological injury.  A bilirubin level of 10 should not be toxic for your baby.

It is unusual, however, for the bilirubin level to remain at a level of 10 at 5 weeks of life, even in a baby born 3 weeks premature.  Your pediatrician has already checked the thyroid function, which was the most important test to perform.  If the bilirubin remains elevated, you may want to discuss with your pediatrician a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist for further evaluation.
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