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adderrall use

I was just prescribed adderrall by my doctor.  I have taken four in the past three days.  I just found out that I am expecting (surprise).  I immediately discontinued the use of the med, but am still worried if there is risk of damage to fetus.  I was on the short acting generics.  
Any info would help.  Thank you.
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There is not a lot of data about the effects of Adderall on a developing fetus.  Your Obstetrician can help you determine whether your baby is growing properly as the pregnancy continues.
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I have a 4 month old healthy daughter that I gavce birth to in December. I was taking pain meds when I found out I was pregnant as well as xanax... The docs. said discontinue all ,meds and everything will be fine and it was. I am not sure with the Addrreall but I am assuming if you stoped taking it already you should be ok. Just talk with your OB and get reassurance so you don't loose your mind worrying but I am sure everything will be fine.
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