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enlarged ventricles

Hello doctor,

At 18 weeks i had my last ultra sound done at the fertility clinic that i was attending, i was then referred to an OB.  Two days ago i attended my first appointment with my OB at 23 weeks and was told that at my last ultra sound the baby's left and right lateral ventricles were at the top of the norm, measuring 9.8mm

I have been referred to have an ultra sound done at my local hospital and just waiting to hear from them.  I'm really scare, as this is my first pregnancy and it took me two years to get pregnant.

My questions are:  Is it normal fo my baby girls ventricles to be that size? If the ventricles remain within the same size troughout the pregnancy, will she be borm with any problem?

Thank you,
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Ventriculomegaly (enlargement of the fluid filled spaces in the brain) with a measurement in the lateral ventricle of 10 mm can be normal if the ventricle does not continue to enlarge and no other abnormalities are found.

The size of the ventricle is usually followed using more ultrasounds to evaluate for any continuing change in size.  If the size of the ventricle stays stable, your baby is unlikely to have any problems.

You should continue to discuss the situation with your Obstetrician or Perinatologist.
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