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feeding problems

I have a friend who had a premature baby at 24 weeks, and the little guy has overcome all sorts of obstacles. He however about 3-4 weeks started having problems with eating. It would take up to 2 hrs for him to take 2 ounces of formula and would also at times vomit. Parents took him to the doctor and he was admitted to hosp and feeding tube put in. The diagnosis they are coming up with is Adversion to Food. Just how does a baby develope that and what can be done?
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Feeding aversion is a complex problem where an infant does not like to take food through the mouth.  There is a higher risk of developing feeding aversion if the infant has been ill for a long time or has not been fed through the mouth for a long time.  There are many medical or surgical conditions where feeding through the mouth needs to be avoided for awhile, but improve subsequently so that the infant can feed through the mouth later.  Some infants develop feeding aversion because they have a condition that makes it difficult to feed.

Nutrition is a big concern if the infant has feeding aversion.  Feeding tubes are sometimes the only way to get adequate nutrition into an infant with feeding aversion.  Feeding specialists or occupational therapists can work with the infant and the parents to develop feeding through the mouth at the same time that the infant is getting adequate nutrition through the feeding tube.
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This problem with the infant only started about 3-4 weeks ago. He took to the breast and to the bottle when he was younger, but now this aversion to food has started. I am not a doctor, but do you think there could be medical problem such as cardiac or an undeveloped esohogus that is causing GERD? He is presently in the hosp. and has a feeding tube in place. It is just perplexing to see an infant progress as well as he has with all of his problems he had since being born.
Thank you for your input.
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