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lateral ventricle prominent

my  wife had us scanning with details as under
lateral ventricle prominent. ap dia at atrial level 1 cm.
lmt 25.12.08
gp 21 weeks 2 days
bpd 61.6 mm
hp 190.1 mm
ac 163.7mm
fl 38mm
amoniotic fluid adequate etc...
doctor has advised for us scanning after 4 weeks. we r worried...
Will there be any problem to the baby because of lateral ventricle prominent. ap dia at atrial level 1 cm. what precautions/ treatments should we take to avoid health problem to baby. is there any treatment to this. kindly reply...
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Unilateral ventriculomegaly (enlargement of the fluid filled spaces in the brain) with a measurement in the lateral ventricle of 10 mm can be normal if the ventricle does not continue to enlarge and no other abnormalities are found.

The size of the ventricle is usually followed using more ultrasounds to evaluate for any continuing change in size.  If the size of the ventricle stays stable, your baby is unlikely to have any problems.  If there were other abnormalities found on the ultrasound, you need to discuss the specific findings with your obstetrician/perinatologist.

There is no specific treatment that can affect ventricular size.
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