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lateral ventricle

hello doctor
i had my wifes usg done today which showed 23+5days pregnancy
what concerns is that radiologists say that size of lateral ventricle is borderline measuring 9.8mm and 10.8mm resp.
what does this mean
these size tend to decrease towards term or increase what exactly happ
ens please your expert opinion is worth
do i need to worry doctor
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Ventriculomegaly (enlargement of the fluid filled spaces in the brain) with a measurement in the lateral ventricle of 10 mm can be normal if the ventricle does not continue to enlarge and no other abnormalities are found.

The size of the ventricle is usually followed using more ultrasounds to evaluate for any continuing change in size.  Ventricular size may decrease, remain the same, or increase as the pregnancy progresses.  If the size of the ventricle stays stable or decreases, your baby is unlikely to have any problems.  If the ventricular size increases, the risk for long term neurodevelopmental problems increases.

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