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ultram during pregnancy

I'm 35 weeks pregnent. I've been taking Ultram throught out the entire pregnancy for severe low back pain, between 200 and 300mg depending on how bad is the pain that day.
Now I try to keep it to 175mg day.
Please could you tell me what are the chances and risks for the baby after I give birth, since my doctor has not been clear and all the information I get on the web is very confusing as well.
I'm worry about neonatal abstinence syndrome. Is that very common with tramadol?
Thank you
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Tramadol (Ultram is the brand name) has insufficient data regarding usage during pregnancy to give an accurate prediction about toxicity.  Although animal models have shown some toxic effects, there is virtually no human data.  The general class of pain medications that include tramadol do not have a high association with fetal defects.  They can sometimes be associated with withdrawal symptoms in the newborn baby (neonatal abstinence syndrome), although this is not common.

Withdrawal symptoms in babies sometimes require treatment with medications and a somewhat longer hospital stay, but in general, they are not a life threatening problem to the baby.
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