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white spots on tip of tongue

My baby was born with two enlarged" taste buds"on the tip of tongue .  The Dr.s ran viral and bacterial tests on her. They also did a spinal tap. The tests came back fine. She is now 17 months old , and they have gotten slightly larger. Has anyone ever seen this before???
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There are multiple reasons that the tongue may have bumps or nodules.  If you've already discussed the nodules with your pediatrician, you might want to ask them for a referral to a pediatric dentist.
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My son also has 2 white bumps on the end of his tongue that he was born with. When the Pediatrician saw him before we were released from the hospital, she called them some big long name(that I can't remember), and said not to worry about it. She said sometimes they just go away on their own. He is now 7 1/2mths old and they are still there, and 1 is a little red on the tip. I made a Doctors appt. for next week with our family Doc, but I have to wait until August to get in with the Pediatrician. I know I have had swollen tastebuds in the past but they go away within a few days. I would love to know what this is, because there really isn't any info that I can find on the net except for thrush. I don't believe it's thrush because it's ONLY on his tongue. Hope fully I can find out what this is and maybe post my findings  for all the other mothers that are wondering, too.
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THANK YOU !  THANK YOU !     I can completely relate to you ! I have been searching for months. You are the first to know what I'm talking about. Good luck at the Dr.   Keep me posted.

                                                      GOD BLESS YOU !!!
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