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High Creatinine Level caused by food or medicine?

Hi Sir/Madam,

I need advice regarding my father's health. Yesterday his blood creatinine level has been reported to be 1.2mg/dl. Just 4 Months back his serum creatinine level was 0.6mg/dl.

He is 64 and of Indian ethnicity. He is on medication for Diabetes, high blood pressure and blood thinning (for clot in a brain nerve). But his diabetes and BP are under control since last 6-7 months.

Please advice on below questions :

1) Is it a risky factor if the creatinine level gets doubled In just 4 months?

2) Since last 3 months, he has been eating millets grains as part of his daily diet. Millets keep his diabetes under control even if he eats normal diet with sweets etc. Even after eating sweets, his post meals blood sugar level was reported as normal (below diabetic range). Can eating sweets cause the raise in creatinine level even if post meal blood sugar level is normal?  

3)  Since last 2 months, he has started taking some Ayurvedic medicine for nerve pain relief (in elbows, shoulders). I don't know the details of what that medicine contains, but it completely cured his nerve pain. Could this cause disfunctional kidneys?

Lastly, could anyone suggest an expert Nephrologist or CKD treatment hospital in India (preferably in Hyderabad).

Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I would suggest mpuh institute at Nadiad, Gujarath. Its a very good institute.
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