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Is high creatinine level 1.4mg/dl dagerous (in case of Diabetic patients)

Hi Sir/Madam,

I need advice regarding my father's health. He is 66 years old and of Indian ethnicity.
Yesterday his blood creatinine level has been reported to be 1.4mg/dl. He is on medication for Diabetes, high blood pressure, high uric adic and blood thinning (for clot in a brain nerve).

His diabetes and BP are under control since more than one year. He had high Uric acid level (of 8.5) six months back but it is now under control (at 5.2). He has been adviced to take Zyloric to control Uric Acid.

Is there anything to worry about for increased creatinine level of 1.4? Can anyone please recommend a good Nephrologist in Hyderabad we could consult with? Please advice.

Thanks in advance.

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