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Recurrent hypokaliemia

Hello Dear Doctors,

I'm an Italian boy, I'm sorry for grammar.

I am writing regarding whether or not to investigate a situation that I am experiencing.
2 years ago I had a paroxysmal atrial arrhythmia in contributing cause of hypokalemia at levels of 2.9 mEq / l. After that, at a distance of 10 months basing my diet on foods rich in potassium have not had too many problems. After that with the arrival of summer without changing my diet too I found myself on the ground psychophysically, with twitching tingling and pain in the lower limbs during the ps potassium was still 2.9.

Since I had problems with colitis exacerbated by gluten I thought that was the cause, avoiding gluten the first month my K was 3.8 then 3.7 the next month, and now I'm back to earth with the gluten-free diet, even going from less body.

I did thyroid tests and are happy with the three main hormones. Creatine and alkaline phosphatase are fine. I do not sweat, I do not practice sports and even little physical activity. I do not smoke, do not drink. I eat right, minimum 2000 calories a day, drink 1.5 liters of water a day and 1 glass of wine. Go fairly regular body sometimes with a bit of mucus. I do not have allergies detected. Recently, the analysis is always above 10 calcium, sodium still within range, magnesium 2.2 everything is fine, only the potassium that comes and goes. Vitamins are right now ', but folate to a minimum in the range, but low transferrin iron and ferritin are ok. I do not take any laxative or medication that induces this situation.

From eco abdomen are alterations were found.
The liver and pancreas seems to work well from the analysis of lipase and transglutaminase and other parameters.

Would be appropriate to undertake a process nephrology never considered until now to study the metabolism of the kidneys and adrenal glands? Analysis type renin, cortisol, aldosterone and blood potassium and hormones in the urine? Or what else?

You please give me some clarification on this, I would like to get back to that situation is to be in the long run.

Thanks for the beatiful site.


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