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foamy urine for past 6 months

I am a 26 year old man.
I have been having foamy urine for the past 6 months,
with a mild upper abdo discomfort.
USG showed up mildly enlarged liver and thick walled gallbladder with cholesterol deposit (cholesterolosis).
Kidney was normal in shape and size. Also vit d level was low ( = 29.95nmol/L).
Now day before yesterday I take up blood serum test for
creatinine  (value was 0.8 mg/dl)
Urea ( 23 mg/dl)
Total protein ( 7.6 gm/dl)
TSH ( 2.76miU/ml)
All are within normal range.
But thing is my 24 hour urinary protein is way above normal.
Urinary protein = 15 mg/dl (normal range is upto 10 )
Urinary protein 24 hrs = 690 mg/24 hrs (normal range is upto 150)

Can You please shed some light what is the problem?

Is it kidney disorder? if yes then how much is it hampered?
Is it due to gallbladder problem?
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