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iga nephropathy

my daughter has iga nephropathy her spot protein is22.2mg, and 274.1mg is spot creatinine, heamoglobin 12.4, pottassium is 4.2 mEq , creatinine .4mg this report taken on 22-3-2012..she is taking gissicor ,envas 5mg,alsartan,eva q syrub. suggest  is it normal or serious condition .iam very much woorried what has to do
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Iga nephropathy...there are somethings u wanna know about this condition.   first is it is triggered by viral infections so avoiding infections will help ur daughter very much.   and yea IT is a serious condition..successive attacks of immune sys on kidneys can cause kidneys to fail.  plus vitamin d is used in this condition to protect kidneys.   hope this will help.
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