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ADHD after taking Neurontin

My son was born with klippel-trenaunay syndrome and took neurontin for nerve pain at the age of 8. The dose was too high and he became disorientated, could not sleep and very active. Was taken off for about four months then back on at a lower dose for five months the off completely. Since then I have seen inattention and reading problems. He has always been very shy and never talked in school, until taking this drug. About a year after taking neurontin he became very active in school and was not the same child, and was diagnosed with ADHD. Could he have developed this for neurontin?
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I can understand your concerns. Well, neurontin or gabapentin can cause behavior changes as a side effect. Those taking the drug for prolonged time can have trouble concentrating, can become restless or aggressive or may have memory problems. So yes, it is possible that your son developed ADHD like symptoms. But only a psychiatrist who has examined him can diagnose whether he has ADHD or not. If neurontin is responsible for the change in your son’s behavior then stopping the drug for some time may reduce the side effects caused by it and your son may regain his original personality in a few months. He may need repeated psychiatric evaluation to assess whether ADHD symptoms are waning off or not. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Take care!

I sincerely hope you will find this information useful. Good Luck and take care!
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