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Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi. Mid 2010, I had problems with fatigue, irregular periods, moodswings,weight gain etc. I went to my dr at the time, suspecting thyroid problems. She tested my TSH levels which came back as 0.9 (normal?). No further testing was done. I ended up going to a medicinal herbalist, who believed there was something going on. She treated me with thyrosine, chronium plus other stuff. I improved dramatically. Anyway I was fine for approx. 1yr & now things have gone downhill again. All bloodtests so far have come back normal. Symptoms and blood tests taken are listed below:
Fatigue (getting worse by the day);irregular menstrual cycles 27days-40days; dramatic moodswings (fine one minute, then angry or down the next); dizziness;nausea; weightgain; unable to concentrate; prone to skin conditions; tender heels; headaches; muscular aches and pains; numbness,pain and feeling of pressure in facial region and ears;shortness of breath and very defined breathing (worse when tired or on exertion);heart palpitations.
Don't know if related or not: thoracic outlet syndrome (pulse disappears when arms are raised (no cervical rib found), also had trouble with not producing oxytocin during my two childrens' labours & breastmilk never came in (even with medication, breast pumps etc.).
Blood tests - HbA1c:40mmol/mol A, TSH:1.13mIU/L, Sodium:141mmol/L, Potassium:4.0mmol/L, Iron:19umol/L, Transferrin:2.74g/L, Iron Binding:62umol/L, Iron Saturation:30%,  Ferritin:54ug/L;Taken cycle day 3 - FSH:4.2, LH:5.5, Estradiol:125pmol/L. Taken cycle day 13 - Prolactin:403mlU/L, Progesterone:0.80nmol/L Testosterone:2.1nmol/L; Creatinine:65umol/L, Glomerular Filtration Rate:>90mL/min/1.73m2; Glucose:4.9mmol/L; C Reactive Protein:<5.0mg/L, Rheumatoid Factor:<15.0IU/mL, Uric Acid:0.36mmol/L; ANA:Positive, Pattern:Speckled, Titre: 80; Cholesterol:5.6mmol/L, Triglyceride:1.3mmol/L, HDL Cholesterol:1.3mmol/L, Chol/HDL ratio:4.2, LDL Cholesterol:3.7mmol/L.
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Dear notscared2dream,

Thanks for posting your query. I will try to provide you with information and recommendations regarding the symptoms you are experiencing.

From the description provided, it seems to me that you are probably suffering from fibromyalgia associated with anxiety neurosis and depression. However none of the described symptoms indicate severe illness in you. Of the blood tests, except for the positive ANA (Anti- Nuclear Antibody) rest look normal to me. ANA is a non-specific parameter and can be seen as a false positive in certain instances.

You also have features of Vascular Thoracic outlet syndrome which needs no treatment at this point of time. Other problems which need consideration are Cushing’s disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome which can present with symptoms such as yours.  

So I personally feel you need to consult a Rheumatologist and Endocrinologist for detailed evaluation and consultation. You need to talk to your psychiatrist for evaluation of an underlying depression and anxiety. The good news is that you are not suffering from any life threatening illness at this point of time.

Hope I have answered your query.

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Best Regards,
Dr Shiva Kumar R
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