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Causes of brain lesion shown by MRI

I was hoping someone might have some insight into possible causes of a brain lesion.  MRI (with contrast) was done and the radiology report states;
"Right frontal lobe 0.6x0.9x0.9cm T1 low signal T2 high signal peripherally enhancing lesion involving the white matter adjacent to the right middle frontal gyrus. The enhancement characteristics are suggestive of an incomplete ring.  Associated adjacent T2/FLAIR hyperintensity.  No convincing evidence of involvement of the overlying gray matter.  No associated restricted diffusion or susceptibility.... may be secondary to incidental demyelination (?ADEM).  However high grade glioma (less likely metastasis) is not excluded and is in the differential."  

Clinical symtoms are headache and migraine (although may not be related as have suffered for years, but MRI 3 years ago clear) but have progressively been getting worse, to point that I have a continuous headache and frequent migraines, some headaches more severe then others.  Depression (had an episode this year for no reason other then a little stress, seemed excessive for what was going on in my life). Fatigue (have low Hg, RCC and PCV), in past 6-12 months a reduction in concentration levels, memory, slight imbalance and vertigo and sometime trouble remembering words and getting out what i want to say.  Have slightly elevated ESR.  No chest infection or other inflammatory blood markers.  I am a 30 year old Caucasian female.

What are the likely causes, high-grade glioma scares me but without the lesion affecting the surrounding brain matter hopefully this means it is inflammation rather then a tumor.  Could it be early MS (since only 1 lesion not multiple), lupus and leftover from encephalitis (was biten badly my mosquitos in thailand in july)?  The doctor sent me away for 6 weeks to see if it grows, may go crazy in that time with worry, any tests or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  
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Dear Friend,
Well there is surely some lesion inside the brain.
Your doctor has rightfully asked for 6 weeks time so that he can compare the new MRI report which he will opt for, in the next visit. SO please don't pass these 6 weeks in stress and thinking as what would happen. Rather have a normal flow of life and do a repeat scan after 6 weeks.
If the changes are suttle, then we can have a big sigh of relief. But if the signal changes are consistent or are increasing, then we will have to get a proper guidance.
Please discuss after 6 weeks.
Would not suggest any other test till that time.
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