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Cortical Dysplasia- Teenager?

My 15 year old daughter had a sudden onset of seizure like activity occur suddenly on 01/18/2011 and again on 01/19/2011. She was transfered to a local Children's Hospital that day due to her heart rate and blood pressure. During her hospital stay she had bloodwork, CT scan, EEG and an MRI. Everything was normal except the MRI. It showed a 1.5cm area of signal abnormality in the posterior right occipital lobe superiorly near the parietooccipital sulcus which may represent a focal area of cortical dysplasia or potentially a low-grade glioma. She has been placed on 100mg of Tegratol twice a day and is to have a follow up MRI in 5 weeks. The Neurologist stated that this could possibly be Cortical Dysplasia but stated that he could not explain how come she has never had complications from it before. She has not been diagnosed as having actual seizures but moreso "seizure like activity" per the EEG. Upon learning about Cortical Dysplasia I have not been able to find information on it concerning sudden onset in teenage years. My daughter also does not exhibit any other symptoms of CD. She is a 9th grade honor student who is taking 11th grade courses already, has never exhibited hyperactivity (she has always been the opposite), is a very well behaved (non-aggressive) child. I would like to include that the only other health problems that she has ever had started suddenly around the age of 11 years old and were the following: Gastroparesis, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, and Fructose Malabsorption. Also around the age of 13 she had an episode that lasted a month of what was considered to possibly be tics (concerning only her head).

I would really like to know if Cortical Dysplasia can go hidden for so long before causing any symptoms? The Neurologist, although the MRI shows this lesions, thinks that my daughter needs to seek counseling and that this is pscychogenic in nature.

Frustrated and Concerned,
Mom of 4
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How long does it take to have someone respond to your questions on the expert forum? My account was charged immediately but still no reply :(
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