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Multiple sclerosis

Good morning.

My name is Viviane, I'm a 26 years old female. I've been seriously depressed and feeling anxious for the last couple of years.

All through this time I've been feeling symptoms like tension in my muscles all the time, tachycardia, short breath, among others (common for this kind of condition). Lately however I got a new one which is really puzzling me, I have a mild tingling sensation in my legs and  a few times also in the upper limbs. I also feel like something is putting a gentle pressure on my legs. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me the usual medication for this kind of psychological disorder.

I've read lots of posts from other people making a connection between tingling and multiple sclerosis which is driving me insane.

So, I'd like to ask if this tingling through my body can by itself be a symptom of multiple sclerosis, even if I don't have any other related symptoms like lack of motor coordination, lack of energy, moving eyes with double vision...

I know that MRI is the best imaging test to rule out this disease, but I'd also like to know if a head CAT scan could also detect lesions in the white matter typical to multiple sclerosis, even if that CAT scan was initially made to rule out possible brain trauma due to a head blow. So basically, is it possible for a neurologist to suspect from multiple sclerosis by looking at a regular CAT scan, or only through MRI?

Sorry to bother, I'd really appreciate a reply since the ghost of multiple sclerosis is driving me insane.
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Dear Buddy,
Thanks for the post.
Multiple Sclerosis is a diagnosis which can be reached via
1) MRI scan.
2) CAT scan.
2) Clinical Signs and Symptoms.
3) Blood tests.
Any one factor can't confirm the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.It's a combination of all these results that helps us to confirm the diagnosis.
Consulting the neurologist would be a great help as he would be the one, to identify the triggering factors.
Feel free to ask more in any context,
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Thanks for your reply. I'm now well aware that it takes to diagnose MS. Yet, I'm sorry to bother you again with 2 specific questions:

1) Can you tell me if this light tingling I feel in my limbs from time to time is by itself a worrying factor even when I don't have any other symptoms at all?

2) I hit my head hard recently and I did a CAT scan to my skull and brain to rule out any trauma/concussion from the blow. Would MS show up any white matter lesions on this CAT scan which wasn't done specifically to look for the disease?

Thanks a lot for your help.
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Dear Buddy,
My answers are as follows -
1) The tingling factor in your limbs canbe due to MS, disc degeneration,nerve conduction problem, early diabetes,etc. There can be more than 100 reasons for this.
2) Yes, CAT scan, whether done to rule out concussion or MS or any other reason, will   show white matter lesions, if MS chances are present.

And please understand that i am here to answer the questions. So i woul dnot get bothered, if you ask me more and more.
But post it as new question, each time.

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