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Numerous symptoms after first seizure at 20

Last Sunday I was going about my day, then next thing I remember I woke up in an ambulance. I was informed by the paramedics that my roommate found me on the floor having a seizure and making weird noises. They said I was "in a daze" and barely speaking but could give them my name but did not know what day or month it was. I do not remember any of this. At the hospital I was in and out of consciousness/asleep but do not remember hours of time. However I do remember having an overwelming headache. By Monday night I was feeling back to normal. CT scan MRI and EEG all came back normal. They put me on generic Keppra as preventative for another "seizure." But now I am worried it is something more. Tuesday I felt fine. Wednesday after a full day and about to get ready for bed suddenly my head started to hurt, the room felt like it was spinning and I was going to pass out and my whole body started twitching. Thursday morning the doctor switched me to brand name Keppra and said it was all just side effects. But now Sunday my head is still hurting, I am twitching more frequently and my joints hurt. My headache feels like pressure points in my head. And once in a while there is a sharp spot of pain on the left side. Other symptoms include tingling, twitching, dizziness, lack in ability to focus or keep a train of thought, pressure in my ears, body ache. What should I do?
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Dear agl0002,
Many thanks for posting the question via this forum.
Sometimes after an epilepsy attack the patient forgets the episodes. We have seen this symptom in many cases.The investigations like EEG/CT scan etc have been done and as per this post of yours, they all are normal.SO i would say it's a good news for you that there is no mechanical cause of epilepsy.
This points towards the idiopathic nature of this disease.
A good neurologist would prescribe you basic medications after examination.I would suggest you to discuss with him about the side effects of the medicines as some are associated with "Gum Hypertrophy", nausea, headaches, etc.
But you must keep the stress aspect apart. That is the main reason for twitching, dizziness , etc.SO i hope you got the answers required.
Request you to consult a good neurosurgeon at the earliest, for a better relief as i won't be able to prescribe you the medicines via this forum as i have not examined you physically.
Feel free to discuss more.
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