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Okay, I am a 27 yr old female.  I just had a follow up MRI.  My history is:  dizziness, headaches, muscle stiffness, neck pain, general feelings of being unwell sometimes.  I have these attacks now for 4 years almost.  All of these symptoms come and go except the neck stiffness and pain in my neck.  I had a baby 8 months ago and had preeclampsia and thrombocytopenia (platelets were 50k) at delivery so I had a transfusion.  After delivery all went back (slowly) to normal.  I began having MRI's about 3 years ago after going to a neurologist because of my symptoms.  Nothing was ever noted besides tonsillar herniation 3mm without chiari malformation.  So, I went back in a few weeks ago for my postpartum check up with my neuro.  He prescribed check up MRI and I just got the results over the phone from his secretary.  He will not go over them with me for another week which is when my appt is.  He wants me to bring him the films so he can give his opinion before he talks to me.  Anyway, I am absolutely FREAKING out because I've never had an "abnormal" MRI.  Here is what the radiologist wrote. "7 mm focus of hyperintense signal on t2 weighted sequences in right frontal coronal radiata, suggesting white matter changes of chronic small vessel disease or demyelination."  Small vessel disease is something that my uncle has......but he's never had any symptoms of it except a heart attack.  Can you pleeeease explain this to me.  Should I continue working out, running, etc?  
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