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Right side pain

Last year I was diagnosed with a cyrinx in my neck, a small one. The reason I discovered that was it feels like the right side of my head is constantly stuffy/full of pressure. My right foot feels heavy and my right hand seems to feel heavy or as if it's more comfortable with the fingers clawed as well. My right eye has developed double vision in low light (my optomitrist said this is because my pupil gets larger than previous lasor surgery flap at night) My right ear and right below it feels very stuffy and full, but an exam shows it is clear. If I go shopping, my right arm gets tired - so I have trouble flipping thru the racks with my kids for school clothes.

Three weeks ago I started getting constant pain in the upper back part of the right side of my neck and along the side of the right neck (by the bg arteries) and even under my right lower jaw. I have no swollen glands but constant fullness, pressure and discomfort. I have noticed that moving my head around relieves this sensation, as if it's pinching a nerve? It feels as if I have knots in my right shoulder and I did see a massage therapist who said that area of my back was so tight she couldn't even work it.

Electro-thingy tests were normal last year. Only cyrinx was found. I am 39 and worry that I will just get worse. What could be the cause? Please help.  It's as if someone drew a line down my body - none of my symptoms are on the left side at all, and the feeling in my head never goes away
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Dear Friend,
Cyrinx, not always, causes problem. In your case, you have already specified about many symptoms you are experiencing with the present condition. I feel that you should really see a good neurosurgeon, for the proper medications, as presently i will not be able to prescribe you any specific medications,without examining you.
But meanwhile want you to follow few holistic approach, for 1 week -
1) Avoid stress.
2) Maintain sleep hygiene.
3) Avoid sudden wake up, in the morning, and
4) Stop co-relating your symptoms with someone else's, while doing a  research on the internet.

Feel free to discuss more.
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