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My farhers is 78 years old , he got a non hemorrhagic stroke in brain 2 C.M size , i asked his doctor to gave him the injection for Dissolving 1 hour after but he refused because of his age and the risk of  bleeding , now my dad is walking but has a trouble in talking , he is taking Plavix , i wonder if there is any other solution, and what about the speech difficulty is it temporary, i will take him to a physiotherapy specialist, but i'm very worried and i feel that may be there is other way out , please advice  
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I am sorry to hear that your father suffered a stroke, but am glad that he is improving.

Thrombolysis (dissolving the clot with medication within three hours of stroke) is let’s say, the recommended treatment for stroke. However, if patient has risk factors for post thrombolysis bleeding such as previous heart attack, high blood pressure, old age, fragile condition of blood vessels etc, then the doctor may advise against this treatment. This may be the reason your father was not taken up for thrombolysis.

Apart from this, other management for stroke includes maintain the airway, blood pressure and general working of the body. Once the patient recovers, treatment includes active physiotherapy, speech therapy, memory enhancement programs etc. Since your father is walking, he will benefit a lot from physiotherapy.

Speech problems can be in form of aphasia (no speech) or the speech may be slurred or disjointed. If your father’s cognition is normal or near normal, and he is able to understand and comprehend conversation, then he may improve with speech therapy. Consult a speech therapist and your father’s neurologist to assess whether the speech related problem is temporary or permanent.

Apart from this, blood thinners are given to prevent further clot or thrombus formation. Hence, your father has been prescribed Plavix. It is important to monitor its dose by doing INR and prothrombin time. Please discuss this with his doctor.

So, I think he is receiving the right treatment. You need to now concentrate on physiotherapy and speech therapy. Please discuss this with his neurologist. Hope your father gets well soon! Good Luck and take care!
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