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Tingling in my limbs

I've experiencing extremely light tingling and pressure mainly in my legs and sometimes (rarely) in my hands or arms during the last four months.

For the last years I've been experiencing high levels of stress/anxiety on a daily basis and I've been diagnosed with severe depression recently by my doctor. I've been prescribed with prozac and victan.

Appart from this tingling I do NOT have any further symptoms. I don't feel tired, I don't have double vision nor any coordination issues. Yet, I'm terrified when I think about multiple sclerosis. Though my doctor told me he thought I didn't have MS he said only a myogram would be definite.

So my question is, can this tingling I feel be a sign of MS?

Thanks in advance.
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Dear Diana,
You really shared up a lot of things. MS is diagnosed on the Basis of MRI along with signs & symptoms added with a few blood results ie it's a combined result of all these things.So don't worry about it.
Stress always contribute to all these factors, which you have mentioned here.
So the lower are the stress levels, the better is the situation.
As far as the numbness is concern, it would be really good, if you could get a NCV (Nerve conduction velocity) study done for the upper and lower limbs. I am not suspecting a disc problem presently. However if the NCV is normal, then we may need to go for MRI of the spine.
Do continue with your medications. Also start some nerve energizing medicines and basic physiotherapy of the neck and back.Rest all would be perfect.
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Just to add some info to the previous post, the last week I did a CAT scan to my head as a result of having hit my head hard against a cabinet.

The CAT scan results were totally positive indicating no injuries of any type.

I was glad not only to know I didn't have a concussion but also because I was under the impression that MS lesions always showed up in this exam.

My doctor told me the CAT scan wasn't indicated for MS diagnose and mentioned only a myagram test.

Is it true that a MS lesion will show up on a CAT scan or only in MRI?


I also feel light muscular spasms. These are really light and don't interfere with my life in any possible way.
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