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Tingling up and down Spine, with sick feeling all over

Hello, I am quite scared and can not get in to see the nerologist that I have been refered to until July 22. I have a history of undiagnosed food allergys and/or Celiac disease but was finally diagnosed after 2 years of suffering greatly 2 years ago. I felt great for a year or so then the dizzyness (room shifting sensation) and tingling up and down the spine start coming about 3 months ago. I started feeling a tingling sensation down my spine and in my lower back, left arm, and terrible neck and shoulder tightness and pain. Recently it has progressed and it feels like someone is pressing on the back of my neck right under the skull and occassional sensations as if the room shifts abruptly when oviously its not moving. I also have terrible jaw pain on the right side of my face and jaw (TMJ) like paid. I am only 30 years old and have had a very rough 4 years with all of these health problems, I just had my first child last July, could lifting her have caused this? During my bout of untreated allergies to wheat, milk and eggs...I had a bone scan that showed Osteopenia, could that have cuased the stenosis? I have never had any trauma that I know of aside from a minor car accident. I was fine 3 years ago, now the food allergies (multiple) now this...

Here is what the MRI stated:  Brain- 3 non-specific white spots (focci?) abnormal white matter signal, which could be caused by migranes, trauma, inflamation, and fluid was seen.

Neck: Stenosis, narrow cannel, Osteoscites (outgrowth) C3-C4-C6

I am terrified and dont want to feel this way anymore and I am unsure why all if this is happening. Any causes or info you can give me is greatly appriciated. Also, I hate taking any kind of perscription medication as I am very sensitive to everything, so I dont know what treatment options I even have. Any info on this surgury is welcomed also. What could cause the tingling in my spine, a disease, pinched nerve???
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Dear Friend,
Many thanks for the post.
Well if the MRI shows stenosis at C3 to C5 level, then we can easily co-relate the present condition with that. I would suggest you not to worry, but to meet a good Neurosurgeon / orthopaedician who specializes in spine.
There might / might not be a need for surgery.It would depend upon the degree of stenosis and your clinical co-relation.
Also for your suspicion of bone osteopenia, would suggest you to go for a BMD scan (Bone Mineral Density), to know the real condition of the bones.
As far as the concern related to White foci, would suggest you to stop thinking about that to, as the treating doctor would try to co-relate the scan findings with the present condition.

In your case scenario, clinical judgment is vital.

Feel free to discuss more.
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