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Tumor, Seizure, Stroke, Pinched Nerve or What??

I am female and will be 20 in two weeks.
Two months ago I was in a car with a friend at night and as we got out of the car I got dizzy and had to rest on the car. My vision went black and white, my hearing started to go away, and my skin started to feel like it was on fire. Then I totally lost my vision, everything was black. I felt like my eyes were tightly closed but my friend said they were wide-open staring with huge pupils. Eventually I couldn't even hear my friend talking or anything. Before I knew it my hand was across my chest really weirdly and I was rocking back and forth really fast in quick motions. I didn't realize it til he pointed it out by asking if I was okay. I tried to talk to him and stuttered and repeated some words but otherwise came out understandably. Eventually I returned to normal, but my skin still felt on fire especially in my face for about 10 min after. And my heart/chest hurt for the next couple days.
This happened before in Walmart last summer except no involuntary jerks or rocking and didn't last as long. Remember it happening when I was about 16 too, except didn't lose vision totally- was just bl&wh and no involuntary movements.
Can't see doc yet, no health ins. any ideas?
Sometimes when I lay down to sleep right before I fall into deep sleep i will see black and white flashes intensely and wake up scared right after.
I quit taking my birth control a month or so ago. I smoke weed sometimes, and cigarettes.
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Dear Friend,
It was a total black out, that's all. Happens when there is a combination of things happening, like stress, lack of sleep, smoke over dosage... a cocktail of bad combination.
Once the stress part goes off, things become normal....
Would suggest you to cut down the bad habits of smoking and stress, and do meditation.
Once its done, you will notice the difference yourself.
Feel free to discuss more,
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