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Unknown bacteria


My sisters boyfriend (20 years old) has been at the hospital since 25 november. The 25 november he had high fever, and pain in (behind) his eyes - No other signs of flu. He fainted with
cramps at our house, and has not been conscious since then.

The doctors has found out that he has Meningo Encefalitis, and they are treating him
for that. But he do not seem to get better, and they think it is a virus or bacteria they
cannot find in addition to this.

He still gets epileptic cramps if he does not get medicines for that, but they are
trying to reduce this medicines since his blood pressure is low, and therefore he
has a high pressure in the brainstem.

He is in artificial coma and narcosis. His kidneys has trouble because of all the medicines.
They take CT to control the high pressure in the brainstem, and they will take MR tomorrow.

Additional information:
In september 2010 he had Comotio Cerebri (or brain concussion)
He probably had Mononucleosis in may, without knowing, so he is been drinking
alcohol etc while he was sick. Since then he has been to the doctors many times
because he felt tired and has not felt well in general.

He probably has an infection somewhere that they can not find, virus or bacteria.
He is treated by neurologists, but since they cannot figure it out, you may have
some suggestions on what to look for now? Maybe some tests to take or some
other suggestions or hypothesis on what could be wrong?


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Dear Friend,
How is the present condition? Is he out of Coma? Please update, so that i can opine further.
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