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Upcoming Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery & Recovery

I am having Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery, probably submuscular, in the next few weeks on the left arm.  I will find out the date this week. I was told was that it will be same day surgery, and I will be wearing a heavy bukly splint from the shoulder to the wrist. I was told the surgery is highly successful, and there are not many problems with recovery. He said the splint is not to get wet, and not to be taken off. I will probably be wearing it for 3 weeks, then PT.

I am a male, married, and I have very little support, so basically I am going at this alone. I am trying to guage how much help I will need, based on mobility and pain level. I have had several surgeries before, and I know the first few days are always the worst.  But in this case, is it days? or a day? or a week? Can I be left alone the day after surgery? Or do I need to hire a home health aide? If I cannot be by myself, how long do you think it take till I can be?

I am only 30, and I want to do the best I can to make this as successful as possible and put this behind me. I just don't know what to expect, and since I don't have help, I'm trying to figure out how much help I am going to need to get. Also, my doctor found that I may have some carpal tunnel syndrome of the other nerve, the one affecting the middle fingers. I have a lot of pain now in the wrist, but it is hard for me to tell if it more the middle or the outside. I guess since I'd be going in for surgery anyway, and I'd be "under" anyway, can the surgeon do both at the same time? I really don't want to have any more surgery after this.

I also just had abdominal surgery 7 weeks ago, and even though I am still recovering from that, I was cleared to have this one. That is another reason why I need to know how much help I will need/how much I can do on my own, since I am still healing from that.

I think my main question is can I do this alone, and can I be alone the day(s) after the surgery, or do I need to hire help.

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Dear Friend,
First of all, let me begin by telling you....please don't be too much concerned for this procedure.
Ulnar nerve transposition is a commonly done procedure and common reason for getting it operated is to relieve the nerve of the pressure.
As you have mentioned that it would be done submuscular basis, so you need not worry too much. But getting a friend with you would be surely helpful. Doctors might keep you on a supporting plaster or arm sling, for supportive reason only. But the purpose of a supportive aide / friend would be to help you our. The wound would require dressing and observation and your doctor would prefer that you don't use too much of pressure/work, with the operated limb. Hence rest would be vital, atleast for 2 weeks, till the stitched/staplers are removed.
Hence you need to be a bit careful till that time.
I hope you understood as what i meant.
Feel free to discuss more.
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