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post meningioma surgery rehabilitation

My mom was operated of right parietal meningioma on December 14 2009.
She has problems with:
-getting dressed and personal heygen
-orientation (she cant tell left from right)
-short term memory (sometimes she things an event that happened today, happened 2 weeks ago)
-math problems
-no phisical problems

Her mengioma was 5 cm.Also there is some blod left after the operation but I've been told it doesnt press on the brain. Right after the operation her short term memory improved. Before the operation she would forget things after 10 second, I thin now it happenes after a couple of hours. Also, she can tell left from right yeasier now.

The doctors in my country told me she doesnt need rehabilitation and things should be done in the family. There is a nurse working with her right now but she is not specialised in this.

1)Is the rehabilitation necesary and which are the specialist she should be seeing and things she should do
2) What are the chances of recovery and the timeline

Thank you

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Dear Friend,
Please find my answers -

1)Is the rehabilitation necessary and which are the specialist she should be seeing and things she should do
           Rehabilitation is the most vital component following any brain surgery. So it must be continued unless y our treating doctor's says that it's of no use. It will improve her coordination, help in her self belief and promote the healing.

2) What are the chances of recovery and the time line
         Chances of recovery looks good, as far as the progress you have mentioned to me.
But timelines can't be told about the same, as it's course is unpredictable.

Feel free to discuss more.


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Yes, thank you. Your response was very helpful.
One more question:).

After the operation she had a MRI and it should some blood was left there. The doctor said was not a blood cloth. It is 5 cm big which is preatty byg. the doctor said we should we wait on it a couple more months and not do anythign about. I am worried that :
1) the blood could damage the brain more or block the veins (sorry, I am not a doctor). I need to know if I am getting the correct answer or she should have an operation removing the blood or some kind of medication.

Thank you for your help.:)

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Dear Friend,
Well if the treating doctor has identified the same and still asked you to wait and watch, then we got to trust him and wait.


Please feel free to discuss more with me as a fresh post.
Also , if you are satisfied with my answer, do refer your friends also.
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