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ulnar nerve transposition

I had ulnar nerve transposition surgery done 2 weeks ago. After my half cast was taken off there was a little soreness from being in the cast. When I got home my two fingers that were numb before the surgery were still numb and also my elbow and part of my outer forearm is as well. Is this normal and it just a matter of the nerve taking it's time to regenerate itself ? If this the case, what time frame am I looking at ? Thanks tidet62
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Dear Friend,
Since it's only 2 weeks, we need to buy more time.
I would suggest you to wait for 6 more weeks.
If still there is no improvement, then we will need to consult the treating doctor and have a re-look as why it's taking so long time.
Until that, we need to wait and watch.
Nerve regrow at the rate of 1 mm per day so we have got to wait.

Feel free to discuss more, in case of any doubts.
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