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Fibromyalgia or not!?!

Ok, so I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I am a 25 y/o female with a history of depression and IBS.
My symptoms are: 1st I notice serve fatigue. Yawning while doing cardio. Harder to exercise. Went on meds for depression and went back a year later c/o same symptoms.2nd legs turned blue and became heavy. I started getting skin bumps. On my thighs mostly, looks like a white head pimple(never pops) and scars after. No meds have stopped them. 3 months now and my legs are all scared up with blue-purple circles. 3nd Muscle pain and weakness. Arms are very weak. Blurred visions here and there. I'm having balance problems. Not bad, but not normal for me. When I shower at mild/warm temps I get dizzy/light headed, serve fatigue, nausea, and have to lay down. Completely wipes me out and I can't do anything for the remainder of the night. My hands and feet are ALWAYS cold. I have sensory changes/problems with temperatures. (cold feels like burning) I notice I am becoming more clumsy and dropping things, like I think im holding on to the item, but I drop it. Stairs are difficult and I sweat going up them and take breaks because my muscles are weak. My skin has become drier and my mouth. My thinking has slowed down. I say it feels like i'm drunk, but i'm not. I get random burst of pain/burning for a few seconds all over my body. Any where I have read I haven't seen some of my symptoms. All of my vitamin levels are at  normal range and any other blood test my PCP has done are normal. I just want to make sure I was diagnosed correctly with FMS. Has anyone had the SHOWERING problems, BALANCE, BLUE SKIN, or skin bumps? Thank you for your input.

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My daughter and I have both been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. We have had all those symptoms and more. Only I don't have the sores but my daughter does, she has them on her legs, feet and hands, they also leave scars. My pain specialist recently started me on Effexor and it has really helped with the pain and brain fog. Hope you feel better soon. I know hard it is to live with this. If I can help in any way, or if you simply need to vent (sometimes it helps) please let me know.
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I was wondering if you had a Brain MRI ? How did they diagnose you with Fibromyalgia ?
So sorry you are experiencing all these symptoms but I was told several times that Fibromyalgia is a "catch all" diagnosis when doctors don't know the cause of your symptoms.
Are you taking any meds?
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fibro or neuropathy?I have most of your symptoms plus.tinnitus,head stuffiness,high blood pressure that comes and goes plus hypglycemic moments which also come and go.I have a long wait for neuro appointment.Have you seen a neurologist?
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I haven't seen a neuro. I am trying to find one. I have an appointment with a vein doctor. The rheum said the blue legs/feet are not fibro. I am hearing impaired, born without half of my hearing and have always had tinnus. I have always had allergies and ibs. I'm on gabapentin, celexa, serquil, flexeral, and adderol. So far I'm feeling better, but I don't know if its just a good week or the new medication gabapentin. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 4 years of fatigue and then having a stiff neck for. a year and then pain. I went to a rheumatologist and on my first and only visit was told it is fibromyalgia. Thank you for your support, it does help to vent!
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