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effects of nightshade vegetable on some people

In trying to find a link to fibro with the effects of nightshade vegetables on some people, I read an article that said that a chemical was used to transport electrons in nerves and then was broken down by an enzyme. The enzyme inhibitor effect of cholintesterase (?) made this like a note being played, but never stopping on the nerve end. I can not find that article again and would appreciate any confirmation and thoughts on these subjects.

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This is the drill on nightshades.

The skins are neurotoxins. Mother nature designed these skins to poison burrowing insects. The insect takes a bite and bye-bye insect. Theoretically anyway.

They are all infammatory agents and agravate arthritis.

They also cause birth defects in farm animals. Sheep who have been fed a diet of potato skins can have birth defects in their offspring, a condition known as "sheeps eye". But that was years ago and todays potato skins are considerably less toxic.

Three hundred years ago tomatos were extremely toxic. That is why the recipes called for peeling the skin.

Modern agricultural practices have greatly dimninished the toxins in the skins, but they are still there. A tomato of today is not the same tomato the farmer of 1850 produced.

The toxins are only skin deep and you can consume the inside of the nightshade family without harm.

As for ketchup who knows what the manufacturers do.
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Does anyone know if tomato paste is safe to use for people who can't handle night shades, or is ketchup the only tomato source that is ok?

I need to find a way to have pizza.

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