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19 Year Old Female with Memory and Verbal Impairments/ Sleep Issues

Hello! I'm a 19 year old female in need of some help! For the past year, I've noticed a significant decline in my health, both mentally and physically. I have gained about 50 pounds within the past 6-7 months, even though I have increased my physical activity and have somewhat healthy eating habits. I also deal with varying sleep issues. I have physically kicked, punched and held conversations with my boyfriend and my roommate in my sleep. Some nights, I suffer from sleep paralysis paired with visual/auditory hallucinations. I'll lay in bed, seeing/hearing the hallucination, unable to move and struggling to breath, as I try to scream for help. The hallucinations are normally of demons pressing down on my chest or standing in the room, speaking to me. The time between the fits of sleep paralysis seem to be getting shorter and shorter. It's frightening. Onto memory problems! I am beginning to forget the names of people I spend time with occasionally, I consistently forget where the car is parked (and even at times which car I was riding in,) I have trouble remembering how to spell simple words at times, I say things one moment and a few minutes later I will repeat myself or will be confronted and not remember my statement, and my memory issues have come to a point where family and friends have called it to my attention as being pretty drastic. As for verbal, I have developed a stuttering problem and I am having trouble completing sentences (sometimes I stop in the middle of my sentence to try and remember what I am saying,) and my vocabulary while talking face-to-face with others seems to have diminished. I try to play puzzles games and word games and what not but my ability to complete them in a timely manner, nevertheless, complete them at all, has also had a dramatic decline. Other minor symptoms are, constant nausea, headache/migraines, dizziness, fatigue, swollen/hard breasts, occasional blurred visions, stumbling, slurring, and loss of time. I know it all seems like a lot to complain about and I'm sorry! My doctor has suggested Cushing's Syndrome and I am currently awaiting results but I also forgot to mention at my appointment with him a couple of my symptoms. The only medication I am currently taking is 325 mg of Iron, 3 times daily as prescribed by a previous doctor for anemia. No drugs, no allergies, nothing else. Watching myself fade away mentally is horrifying and I didn't not realize how bad it was. Hopefully someone can provide an easily treatable answer or a way to work past these concerns. Thank you!
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You have told my story. A few minor changes but the "slowly watching myself fade way mentally..." hit me hard.I am a medical professional or at least I used to be, a orthopedic surgical Physician Assistant. Not currently working. Waiting on MRI results for large mass on neck but your neurological symptoms parallel mine. Nothing like hearing voices and seeing things flying around my 58 yr old living room. Confusion to the point that I had no idea where I was driving. Cognitive decline. They talk about Cushings ...don't know. Frankly medicine is fractured,and has lost its way. it is not at its best and we as consumers must advocate for ourselves. I wonder how you made out. I hope you are doing well. Being sick in a sick system is not for the weak of heart my friend. Take care, and know you are not alone....I may not remember....but you really aren't!!!!
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