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19yo Female with Tremors

Hi all,

I am a 19yo female with tremors. I have an autonomic malfunction or dysautonomia. I had been diagnosed and was being treated for my autonomic malfunction. On August 09, 2009, I began treatment with a beta blocker, the generic Metoprolol. Half an hour after I took the first dose, I began to experience severe tremors. Really hard tremors that shook my entire body.

I went to my local doc who told me it was the Metoprolol and said I should discontinue it. I went to neurologist and cardiologist who both said it couldn't possibly be Metoprolol because Metoprolol was used to treat tremors. Soooo, I went from doctor to doctor searching for answers.

In Feb of this year, I was hospitalized for the tremors. After the hospitalization, I got with one of my specialists and talked to him. He gave me a plan to ease off the Metoprolol. I eased off of it and the tremors seemed to go away for a couple of weeks.

But now they're back. Interestingly enough, I crave tuna. Like all the time (no chance of pregnancy). Well, over the past couple days I notice that whenever I eat tuna, the tremors stop temporarily. So I'm beginning to wonder if I have a vitamin deficiency.

I'm looking and looking online trying to figure out what I might have. I've had a 3T MRI (everything was normal). I've even looked up videos of Parkinson's tremors and MS online. But nothing is as violent as what I'm dealing with.

I have no personal nor family history of mental illness, depression, or anxiety. I feel happy and well adjusted despite living with a chronic illness like dysautonomia. I am involved and active in my local church. I'm working to start my own business.

My question is: is this just a long term side effect of Metoprolol? Or maybe there's another neurological disorder that I haven't thought to research yet?

My sister has epilepsy so I know what seizures look like and I don't have those. Besides that, I often experience these violent tremors for 12-14 hours a day. There's no way a person could be experiencing that kind of seizure activity for such a prolonged period of time without considerable brain damage. (I researched it)

If you have any suggestions or advice, I'd love to hear it. These tremors have made it difficult to drive. They make self-conscious about being out in public. I'm nineteen and this is really hard to deal with so if you have any help...however remote a possibility, I'd be more than willing to research it. :-)


PS: I've been on WeMove.org and looked up every one of their movement disorders and I'm still drawing a blank. I don't fit the profile for any of those disorders.
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