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21 month old Son blinking and Rolling eyes up once/twice a day

My son is 21 months old. he rolls his eyes once or some times twice in a day. Sometimes he blinks both eyes first 3-4 times and then immedatedly rolls eyes up for a second or less. His eyes go up while sitting, in arms and even while walking. it lasts for less than or just a second. If we see him do that and call for him,or shake him, he responds sometimes and some times he doesn't. He otherwise while playing as well doen't respond many a time so we can't tell the difference. If we don't call him, he would do that and then continue playing or doing what he was. We have never notices he doing this and going out of balance or falling down or any other symptom like fists becoming tight simultaneously. He is otherwise a normal kid but often gets excited. I am worried about this 'eyes rolling' thing. I need to know if it is an indication for something serious. please advice. Thank you.
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Hi there.

This may just be a normal mannerism of your child, or this may be something else such as some form of seizure called 'absence' (pronounced as absanz) seizure, or petit mal.  This is similar to some accounts of parents or school teachers observing some students to be 'daydreaming' well in fact the student is already having a fit.

To be sure, you may discuss with her doctors regarding specific tests such as an EEG (electro encephalogram), to see if there are indeed foci of seizures.

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hello i read your ? and it is something that you should definitely see a dr. about my neice who is now 10 did what we joked as powering blinking she was diagnosed as having seizures and put on meds after a couple years she was taken off but did have to go back to them. they couldn't pinpoint her brain area causing the seizures but she is doing great. by the way she was a preemie
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