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24/7 headache for 2 + years

I have had a headache on the back of my head, and left side of my head for two plus years. I do suffer from neck pain, and the headaches started a few days after a cervical epidural. They do not believe I have a CSF leak, they just say "it's bad timing."  I have seen two neurologists and a pain management doctor. . One says cerviogenic headache while the other just says migraines. I have tried a few anticonvulsants along with veraapamil. Second opinion neurologist gave me supatriptan and waiting for approval for Aimovic. If I am upright sitting, standing and bending over I have a continuous headache. If I lay flat it usually decreases quite a bit. I have also had occipital blocks. I have gotten nowhere in two years with any relief. I am already disable and the headaches, neck pain and neuorpathy in my hands makes working very stressful and causes me extreme pain I feel I have very few options left, and the medical system in Central, Illinois is not the best. I have completely lost hope.
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Im not a doctor or medical professional in any manner, I just want to say this happened to my husband, not the procedure but the after things you are experiencing, the. 4 years later he had a heart attack, he has one 99% blockage, and 2 other at 78-80 something %, anyways, the headache in left side and neck was only only indicator! I so hope this reaches you
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Blood pressure is stellar, and no diabetes. Dr. is playing games telling me to have my PCP prescribe my Lyrica. PCP wouldn't said if a neurologist prescribed it he needs to be the one to fill it. I can drive short distances fine, but longer distances can be difficult to hold onto steering wheel. Not certain, but might still have an Amtrak in one of the nearby towns about 20 miles away that goes to Chicago.
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Oh how awful ....obviously you have had a multitude of tests with no real answers...so maybe go back to basics? You say when you lie it is relieved? So have you had your blood pressure looked into at all? I only ask because high blood pressure can cause headaches at the back of your head ...and unless you have a low blood pressure drop on standing then naturally your blood pressure would increase on standing...and be nice and low/normal when lying? Is there such a thing as the opposite to a postural drop? ...was there anything going on in your life that was causing you stress around the time of the epidural?? ..just thoughts ...I hope you find some answers soon xxx
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Ugh, that sounds nightmarish!  You've done your due diligence but don't seem to be getting solid answers.  I do know that Chicago has an amazing headache clinic. You go for a full week and stay, receive deep investigation, treatment and then work with the doctors online after.  I'm also concerned you don't have anyone to drive you. Are you living with no connections of family or friends?  That is hard.  Are you feeling depressed?
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Also worth noting prior to the epidural, I maybe had headaches 2 to 3 times a year at most. Pain management wants to burn th enerves in my neck off, but I have nobody to drive me to the procedure so that's a nogo. They said if I tried using a taxi they would not do the procedure. I am 39 years old. Work is torture, life in general is torture. Doctors don't seem to care. I have completely lost hope.
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