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27M, unilateral weakness sensation + fasciculations

27, Male, approx. 5'10", 143 LBS. Complaint started 6 weeks ago. no known serious previous medical issues. Currently on propranolol 20mg (just started 3 days ago).

Quick background: I got my first Moderna on 3/11/21, and let's just say I've had a rollercoaster of quite inexplicable phenomena since then. Also, yes, I've seeked medical advice from several doctors. Just looking for more opinions as there can never be too many IMO. At one point, after experiencing what felt like sleep paralysis and mini-seizures combined (about 4-5 times) before falling back asleep, I then awoke with unilateral (right sided) weakness. This was accompanied by right eye being slightly blurry + feeling "pressure." I ended up going to the ER incase it was serious but everything came back normal. This has been accompanied by body-wide fasciculations what seems like 24,7 (however, I have had that phenomenom to a lesser extent for at least 6-8 months now).

MRI and CT were clear, though that was quite a few weeks ago now and seeing as it was immediately after presentation, it only ruled acute issues. EMG is pending for now. I've had so many blood draws and pretty much everything has come back normal (including ANA, CPK, and other specific markers).

All of my docs are perplexed and can't really explain it and they often say it's "perceived weakness" not clinical. Meaning, I feel weak but am not showing signs noticeable weakness in their little strength tests (which I think are basically useless anyways). I will say it seems that my right hand has been increasingly stubborn at doing typical tasks (brushing my teeth, writing, etc) though I'm unsure how much of my anxiety and stress is playing into that and if I'm in my head too much. It probably goes without saying, my anxiety has been through the ROOF since this all began.

After trips down Dr. Google, I've convinced myself it's got to be something awful seeing as no labs or imaging can point to a root cause yet (think ALS, PLS, pre-MS, etc).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what this might be? Am I crazy for assuming this is something like ALS? Could it be some kind of weird neuropathy? What's strange is that it's mostly just one side for the weakness. For the record, when I say weakness, my definition is an almost ticklish sensation(not pins and needles at all) and heavier feeling limbs. It feels like everything is more difficult on my right side. I should say that the sensation has sort of come and gone. My right eye isn't as pressurized feeling anymore and the weakness felt like it was almost gone several times only to return. It came roaring back about a week ago and has seemed pretty consistent (or possibly worsening).

Sorry for gigantic wall of text, just looking for any possible theories or suggestions! Thank you all.
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My fasciculations started at age 24 and I freaked out. They got better over time. They came back again 11 years later with feeling of weakness in limbs, tingling, stiffness all over the body, and stiffness in right foot with trouble walking. I freaked out again. Neurology workup with EMG did not find anything abnormal. I have brisk reflexes level 3 which can be "normal or abnormal". Great definition huh? Thank you neurologists for your brutal honesty. The fascis came back again 10 years later when I couldn't lift my right foot. It got somewhat better but hasn't completely recovered yet after three weeks. Let's hope its due to damage sustained to the peroneal nerve while folding under me and sitting on my legs in the attic, and not ALS. You could have these symptoms a long time. If you don't have progressive weakness, you don't need to worry about ALS. I know how scary it is and how powerless one feels. But there are really only two options- get an EMG and you will know, or don't get an EMG and decide to forget about it. It's hard to forget about when you have all these things going on, especially when trying to sleep at night. So seeing a neuro and getting an EMG could help you sleep. I also recommend rose chamomile lavender tea or one of the other teas to help calm one down in this situation. Along with Bible study and prayer. It's an opportunity to be reminded of the value of our life and how quickly time goes by.
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