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3 random issues

I have been having a few issues and would love any insight from health professionals and anyone with personal experience. To preface, I am a critical care RN, 29 year old female, very active, eat very healthy, with no medical issues. Just weird symptoms. I get annual physicals and all of my labs, including electrolytes and thyroid, are within normal limits. I have been researching and can't find anything. Oh I also work night shift so I am wondering if any of this is related to shift work?

1. I get quick periods of feeling like I closed my eyes and shook my head very fast. At least 1-5 times a day. It is enough to make me feel like I am losing my balance but I rarely do. The other symptom that may be associated is that occasionally when I lay down to sleep, and am still wide awake, it feels like there is a mini earth quake. I reach out to touch my night stand, knowing that it is probably not moving and it snaps me out of it. It doesn't happen all the time which is why I haven't seen a neurologist.

2. I have been getting heart palpitations for about a year. They are worse when I lay down. Monitor shows moderate amounts of PACs, bigeminy, and trigeminy. I know that ectopy is normal but I am symptomatic with nausea, dizziness, and occasional chest pain. My resting heart rate is around 50-60, I am very active, so when I go into bigeminy my heart rate is usually around 30 and it really *****. I saw a cardiologist and got no answers. I have taken vitamin b supplements, hawthorn berry, and taurine, on top of a multivitamin. The only thing that has helped at all is the taurine.

3. Left flank pain that comes and goes for about 5+ years. No s/s of UTI associated, UA negative when I did ask at a physical one year. It gets worse when I have high fatty foods. No other symptoms that would be associated with gall bladder issues though. Have had high cortisol levels in the past though so I am unsure if this could be adrenal versus kidney.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have researched all of these and have casually talked about them with physicians I work with and we can't come up with much. All extreme theories. When I see an actual physician once a year for my physical it is always blown off because I am so healthy. I am usually just told that I probably need to sleep more, which wouldn't hurt I'm sure.

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