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4month old with head injury..a month ago. Please help. Thanks

My 4month old, almost 5month old had a tramatic fall about a month ago. I had him lying on the kitchen table on a small blanket while i was making dinner. While I turned my back for a min or so my middle son almost 2, pulled Jack off the table. He feel completely to the floor 3ft to be exact on to the back of his head. He lost consciouses for a few seconds and then was awake. He didn't vomit at all. I too him to er and they did a CT. They found a few areas of small subarchnoid hemmorages bilateral frontal lobes. He was sent to childrens for a 24hr observation.

Well two night later he had a seizure.He was unresponsive for about 45sec, limp, and then went to sleep. I took him in and he was started on Keppra at 1.5ml twice a day. He's had two seizures post meds but his EEG was normal.

Well we met with the neurologist an on exam they found his head was 43.5cm's which it was 41cm's two weeks prior on the day he had fallen. He sent him for an MRI.

The mri showed a few small areas of sudural fluid that was proteinous. They said it wasn't enough to do surgery.

Anways we went and saw neurosurgery last week tuesday and he said that Jack has increased CSF around his brain which is common and that he should grow out of it in the next 12 months. And he also had the surdural fluid on the top of his brain that looks like blood to him. He said it will either absorb back into the body or it will increase.

My ? is do you think that his behavior could be from teh fluid on his brain? It's just not like my son. His head is currently 44.5cm. It was 33cm's when he was born. it was 39 when he was 2months and now at 4month it's 44.5cm. Is this a concern? It has jumped up in the growth charts ALOT.........could he have hydrocephlaus and if so what will happen with his head? will i see an increase soon in cm or does it take time?

Could the few spots of subdural fluid be causing the change in his behovior even if they didn't increase in the last week?
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We are sorry for your hard times.  Your question will be better answered if you post it in the Neurosurgery or Neurology expert forum.  Our Peds Surgery forum does not deal with neuro issues.  Good Luck.  
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He's a little man ! If your not sure go for a second opinion
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