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5 month Headache & Neck Pain!!!!!!!!!!

- Feb. 2008 was diagnosed with GERD
-4th week of FEB 2008, headaches starts in the morning but still bearable
- March to July 2008, headaches EVERYDAY. It only stops when Im asleep. A doctor told me that I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome MPS so I went to PT 3x a week for 2 months! Nothing happened. I was on all sorts of pain meds, lyrica, muscle relaxants, anti depression meds you name it Pain was unbearable I was afraid I had brain tumor or something. It hurts so bad that tears would fall.
- July 2008 (1st week)...STOPPED drinking meds but started totake the following Vitamins
1. GNC Mega MEn multi-Vitamins
2. CoQ10
3. Fish Oil
4. B-Comples
5. Vit C with rose hips
6. Ginger Capsule
7. Mega Magnesium
8. Garlic
9. Vit E 400IU
Plus. Massage on my back 3x a week to treat my MPS with referred pain on the head. I did it for 1 month(July)

With these vitamins and prayers my EVERYDAY HEADACHES MIRACULOUSLY DISAPPEARED! But now PAIN in the neck is bothering me. It feels very tight and stiff. And when I move my neck I can hear cracking sound just like when you crack your knuckles. My head hurts but endurable. Doctor told me I have "Straightening of the Cervical Spine". Right now aside from the vitamin, I take Myonal 2x a day, Mobic for pain (only if necessary), Valium att night to relax.
I need some answers.....When will this end? With what I have been thru its taking its toll on my family, friends, work and my life. Now I have developed a habit of stretching my neck side to side and some people who dont know Im sick tells me that its annoying! Sometimes when my neck really hurts, I close my eyes in pain even when talking to someone. Pls. I need some answers. Will the straightening heal? What are my other options?

Below are some results from X-rays, MRI & MRA

March 24, 2008 (x-Ray CERVICAL SPINE)

The visualized vertebrae are intact. The cervical curvature is straightened, most likely due to muscular spasm. Alignment and intervertebral disc spaces are maintained. The neural foramina are well formed.


April 18, 2008 (MRI & MRA OF THE BRAIN)

There is no evidence of restricted fluid motion in the DWI sequence. The ventricles and cortical sulci are normal in size and configuration. The CP angles and sellar region are normal. No parenchymal signal abnormalities or mass lesions are identified. No acute intracranial hemorrage or extra-axial collections are seen.
Examination of the anterior circulation reveals normal intermal carotid arteries bilaterally. The anterior and middle cerebral arteries are also seen normal.
Examination of the posterior circulation reveals normal distal vertebral arteries as well as a normal vertebrobasilar junction and a normal basilar artery. Posterior cerebral arteries are also normal.

Normal MRI & MRA of the brain

July 30, 2008 (MRI of the Cervical Spine)

Sagittal T1- and T2-weighted images of the cervical spine were obtained. Transaxial T1- and gradient echo images were also obtained.
The cervical curvature is straightened. The heights of the vertebral bodies and the intervertebral disk spaces are well maintained. The cervicomedullary junction and the spinal cord are normal.
Axial images demostrate no evidence of disk herniation, posterior ridges, spinal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing from C2-C3 to C7-T1 levels.
There is no intraspinal or paraspinal mass lesion.

Cervical curvature straightening otherwise normal cervical spine MRI examination.

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