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6mm pineal cyst

For the past 8 months I have been experiencing a pressure-type pain in my left eye and on the left side of my head. My vision has decreased in my left eye (I could read the same line with each on during eye tests in the past but now I have to look up two more rows to be able to read the test with my left eye). I get little flashes of lights and floaters in my left eye also. I thought it was an eye problem so I saw an Opthamologist who told me my left optic nerve is swollen so he referred me to a Neuro-Opthamologist who said it was elevated, not swollen, and told me to get an MRI because it wasn't an eye issue. I got an MRI and it says I have a "6mm incidental pineal cyst. No mass effect on the tectum." My Primary Care Doctor is the one who read me the results and said the MRI was normal but when I read the results later and Googled pineal cyst it doesn't SOUND normal. I have a lot of symptoms that seem to be associated with a pineal cyst; listed above and I was diagnosed with a sleep/wake cycle disorder. Should I be following up with a Neurologist???
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Hi, Thank you for your question. Pineal cyst is a brain cyst that may remain asymptomatic for long years. But if it is large it can cause headache, poor attention span, visual disturbance, paralysis, seizures and gait disorders. Therefore, surgical intervention is essential to remove the large cyst and if permanent damage needs to be avoided.  Craniotomy, needle aspiration and cerebral shunts are common surgical treatment that may help.  Please consult a neurologist right away in this regard. Hope this helps.

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Great, your doctors seems like he is doing the right thing.  I always have problems withmy doctors.
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I have the written copy of both the MRI & the CT scan.  My dr said he would give me both of them on CD to take with me to see the surgeon for the consultaion.

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Did you get a copy of your MRI and report?  It's always important.  Often doctor's won't tell you everything.  Sounds like they are taking good care of you though.  Look up ice pick headaches, I get these two.  Feels like I am being stabbed in the back of the head.  
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My headaches usually start in the back of my head, and then go towards my eyes.  In the back of my head it feels like I have a nail or something going into my head...around my eyes its a lot of pressure...almost feels like my eyes are going to pop out.

I have the same problem when I talk.  I lose the words I want to say.  

I also have bleeding around my cyst, he said a blood vessel in my brain ruptured, that is was similair to a stroke.  

He honestly didn't have a lot to say, just that he wanted me to see a neurosurgeon that specialized & saw more of these types of cysts.  
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I get confusion too.  My husband was off work on Monday.  When we were cooking dinner I asked him "Did you see anyone at work from the ride on Sunday?"

Him - "What"

I repeat myself.

Him - "Think about what's you're asking me."

Me - "Oh yeah, you were off today."  He told me he was used to me asking him questions like that.

I am very forgetful.

Red - What do your headaches feel like?  I am also curious what type of surgery they will do for you.
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I would see a neurologist...I commented on your other post too...

I also have a pineal cyst, mine is 12mm...I met with my neuro today & he is referring me to a neurosurgeon.  

My symptoms are a little different than yours....I see the floaters, but I have had my vision checked & everything seems to be fine with it.  My biggest problem is the headaches.  Its a constant everyday headache.  Starts near the back of my head & goes to the front, right behind my eyes.  I have also bouts of confusion, almost to the point of being disorianted.

It is scary...I have never been sick before and all of this has happened in the last month!
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