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7 yr old daughter with headaches and bruit

  My daughter is still having the ringing in her head as well as the headaches. MRI< EEG< MRA all are normal. Any suggestions, Dr says this is probably a part of her growing process, I am not comfortable w/ that answer. Have you ever heard of growing causing this?  She has also been declining rapidly in school.  Please help
Dear Brenda L:
Sorry to hear about your daughter.  Since the MRI, EEG are all normal there is alot less worry that anything really bad is going on.  What kind of headaches is your daughter having?  Are they migraines?  Do migraine headaches run in your family?  How is her performance in school turning downward?  Was she an A plus student and now getting D's and F's?  Is she hyperactive and inattentive?  What do her teachers say?  Is her behavior changing?  Without this sort of information and a good neurological exam, it is almost impossible to answer your question.  The question about the bruits is easy to answer.  Many children have innocent sounds.  I have heard many bruits on perfectly normal and above normal children.  We worry when we hear these sound in the newborn period and if the MRA is abnormal.  I think you need to sit down with your pediatric neurologist or pediatrician and go over the headache issues and also the drop in school performance.  Together with a good physical exam and careful history of the events involved should give you clear direction to head in.  Let us know if we can help.
CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS  

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