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A bad memory is now getting worse

Hi I'm a 33 year old healthy male, who keeps in good shape by going to a health club 3 times a week and eats reasonalby healthy food.  I am not on any medication.  All of my life I have struggled with a poor memory. I struggle to read books due to the fact that when I am halfway down the page I have forgotton what I have just read, so go back to the beginning again. I can spend six hours sitting with a client during the course of an afternoon, if he/she phones me in a couple of days I won't remember their name or what we had discussed.  If I meet people I won't remember their faces - I met a gent the other day, chatted for three hours, then got into a cab later that evening with him, didn't recognise him and introduced myself to him again, which was very embarrasing.  I forget what I am going to say halfway through a sentence.
The reason I write this is the problems are getting gradually worse. I have a degree which I had to work at ten times harder than anyone else to pass; I have my own company as well but feel that all will be lost if this problem gets any worse.  
My doctor in the UK wasn't much help.  

Any help/advice would be welcome.
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I agree that further evaluation is warranted, especially if things really are getting worse. There are a number of things to be sorted out in your case such as finding out what specific type or types of memory are abnormal, history of head trauma or meningitis, labor and delivery/perinatal/childhood history, any concomitant behavioral or psychiatric disorder such as attention deficit disorder or mood disorder, and any history of seizures.  A full neurological exam as well as formal neuropsychiatric evaluation (consists of extensive written and verbal testing as well as psychiatric evaluation) should be considered. Finally, MRI of the brain with special imaging to look at the temporal lobes (part of the brain that has a function in memory, usually ordered in epilepsy protocols)as well as EEG may also be considered.  Blood work to look for inflammatory diseases, vitamin deficiencies, infections such as syphillis (if there is any risk factor) can also be helpful.

Talk to your doc about getting a referral.  If you can only have one or two tests, I would go for the neuropsychiatric testing to better characterize the memory deficit and an MRI of the brain. GOod luck.
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Thank-you very much for your time. I will now try to investigate further with medical help.
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I have the same problem with books, except I'm a 13 year old male who's in quite good shape. My doctor has told me that as a 13 year old I should have a great memory. But I struggle to remember everything. This is a very sensitive thing to me because the other week I went to the movies with done friends. And had to ask what there name was Like 5 or 6 times within 3 hours. Turned out I went to the movies not a week ago. But 2 days. I don't know If this has any connection but one morning I woke up had a shower went to put on my clothes and ended up putting my underwear on my head! I didn't notice until after I put my shirt on. No body believes me when I tell them. I would enjoy an explanation.
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