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ADHD and Obcessive Compulsive Disorders

Any Ideas on how to deal with an 11 year old with ADHD and Obcessive Compulsive Disorders and also suffers depression? I have had her on several meds and so far only stratera helps and she is enrolled in special classes and programs to help her both in and out of school and she still can be a hand ful at times. She did have bad lead poisoning when she was a baby and had to have a special diet and medical care and almost had to be hospitalized. I have had Doctors tell me it could be all linked with the Lead Poisoning, ADHD and Obcessive disorders and the depression.

I tried a routine that is strict and followed it to a tee, I also tried different approaches while handling her outbreaks. some times there are a lot of outbreaks of screaming, crying, yelling and so on and even throwing things.  I do always let her know I am not afraid of her and that I do love her and it is my job to make sure she is safe and everyone else is safe.

Any other ideas? Or could this be a neuro problem or brain damage from the lead and she can't explain what is going on and only acts out because of this?  She is now 11 and was diagnosed with high lead blood levels at 6 months and the others when she was about 5.
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I have an 11 yr. old son who was diagnosed with ADHD years ago compulsive disorder and anxiety 1 1/2 yrs. ago Then last May I took him in for attention span, staring off thinking he was just needing diiferent meds because we had to change him alot.
He was doing the same and still does some. Freaks out and in one min. He'll say he is sorry then it will happen all over again.  Since we started to our new neurologist and our meds he is alot better .  May o7 we did an EEG and found out he has Epilepsy of the Frontal Lobe Focal seizures which have to do with behavior.
My old Neurologist did not put him on meds because he was not showing seizure activity other than the EEG. Come to find out the behavior we have been seeing came from uncontrolled Epilepsy.   Also A month ago we  they found a 4in liesion on the brain which has to do with the Epilepsy . He had never had an EEG or an MRI of brain before.
Now we are on meds.
I am not saying this is her problem. I am saying that sometimes what you see goes alot deeper than Dr.'s look sometimes.
Maybe with the Lead poisening may they need to do a up to date MRI with contrast. Lead can cause brain damage. I was told on my other son when they checked him for lead that if positive they would do tests ever so often. I am surprised it has been so long on your daughter.
You should see a neurologist and have some test. Also they had me take my son to a therapist.
For years I just thought it was ADHD,Tourettes, Caused be adhd meds, OCD and Anxiety. Now we found different cause.
Best of luck  
Hang in there.
You are doing right just let her know even though sometimes she does  things no one understands that you still Love her. Unconditionally. I know sometimes that is easier said than done.
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My 8yr old son sounds similiar to your stories. He wl have temper trantrums and be so angry that he con not contril himself. He is very sorry after his episode. But will allow himself to angry again. Now he usually doesn't do it within lets say the same day. He will even remeber a really bad episode of anger for years to come. But he has an issue with authority and lisenting. Soetimes I am not sure if ODD or his processing issues as a neurologist said. He has been diagnosed adhd, has anxiety issues and depression. He has experienced trauma and is extremely impulsive. At time consquences work and other times they make him hate us and he will be ODD. We tellhim we love him all the time but he says we hate him when he misbehaves. Which happens quite a bit.I really don't know what to do . He is seeing a therapist but she has taken off the whole summer which I don't think has helped matters. I think Imight look for another one that can commit more to our sons needs and issues. Some days I feel I can't go on and my son just is wareing us down. It is exhaousting with no break. We can't leave him with anyone becuase he is such a handful and at school he has had issues as well. He summer program has said he might be thrown ut of the program for his behavior problem and the thought that he might be a threat to others. I try to be optomistic but sometimes it is hard in the mist of all the caous.
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