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Ache on right side of head

  About a month ago I suffered with a headache that lasted for two weeks,
  altho I have suffered from migraines, this wasn't like a migraine and
  wouldn't respond to any medication I took.  The first indication of the
  headache began with an ache on the right side of my head when I brushed
  my hair or even touched my hair very lightly and the headache increased
  in severity from there.  The doctor I saw thought it was more sinus related
  and prescribed Flonase and a pain killer which didn't really do anything
  to help.  I also had nausea, lightheadness, sore eyes actually all the
  symptoms of a migraine but it lasted too long for a migraine.  
  The headache eventually disappeared but the pain on the side of my head
  is still there whenever I touch my head or hair - it's actually more of
  a dull ache and seems to travel down my head (starting just above my ear
  nd travels to the upper neck).  I have had two uncles die of aneurysms and  
  an aunt of a brain tumor and it scares me to think that this could be a symptom.
  I don't have the money or insurance to keep running to doctors.  Could someone
  please give me a explanation of what this could be?  I appreciate your help.
  I guess I should add that I'm pretty healthy and other than sinus problems
  don't have any health problems. Thank you.
Thanks for the question Carole. I understand your concern considering the fact that you have had to uncles deceased secondary to aneurysms. When an aneurysm ruptures it usually causes a headache referred to as the worst headache of my life. In these instances patients need to be seen and evaluated to determine if a CT scan needds to be done looking for evidence of a bleed. You did the right thing by seeing your doctor initially. Abnormalities within the brain usually do not produce pain on the scalp itself. The fact that your "headache" has gone away is a good sign against something more serious. Occasionally the occipital nerve will become inflammed and produce a disorder called occipital neuralgia which produces nerve type pain. This is usually an electric type pain and is very sensative to the touch. It can be treated with oral non steroidals and on occassion nerve blocks. You should probably follow-up with your doctor to discuss these possibilities further. Good luck
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