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Achieving Autonomic Nervous System Balance

I have reason to believe that my ANS is seriously out of balance.

Any advice for effective ways to increase parasympathetic nervous system activity, whilst decreasing sympathetic activity?
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It is difficult to answer your query without knowing the complete medical history.
Stress is an important factor that determines the state of ANS. If you can cut down your day to day stress the sympathetic system will be less active because stress is the major factor activating our sympathetic nervous system.
Hope this helps!
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Thanks Dr, I was looking for non-psychological techniques for directly influencing the ANS.
My hypothesis is that my chronic nasal congestion is stopping the parasympathetic nerve receptors in my nasal mucosa from being stimulated, resulting in an ANS imbalance.

Things that I have found to help treat this:
- exercise
- swimming and immersion in cold water
- breath holding
- sex
- 'stress eraser' biofeedback device
- eliminating stimulants (sugar, caffine, etc)
- treating my GERD

Looking for more options to add to the list...
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You mentioned in a different post high levels of norepinephrine, which is very interesting to me since this is where my online research is focused.  My endocrinologist made a flip diagnosis that all my symptoms are depression/anxiety-related and recommended SSRIs.  I am certain that depression is not causing tingling in my feet nor many of the other diverse symptoms, so she missed the boat on the diagnosis, however, if the high noripinephrine levels cannot be traced to tumors or a neurological disease, I may try the SSRI route since it should inhibit neurotransmitters activity.  Also looking into the supplement GABA.  I felt fewer cardio symptoms while taking DHEA and some progesterone, but this probably won't work the same for men, and DHEA is not to be taken indefinitely since it is an estrogen precursor.  Also found some of the items from your list helpful, but have not tried immersion in cold water because of severe cold intolerance.  Exercise helps me, too, but I wake up the next AM feeling like I was hit by a truck--I gather this is called exercise intolerance or sensitivity or some such thing.  Please keep posting what your research and experience turns up--you are further along than I am in the quest for answers, and it sounds like there are many of us delving into the same or similar issues.
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